Solar hot water - Aquaponics - grow house min max graph

I've been taking some regular notice of the minimum and maximum temperatures of the water in the fish tank since I put it under a grow house.

I made a graph.

I like graphs.

It looks like this....

The red line on top indicates the maximum, the blue line on the bottom, the minimum, and the yellow line in the middle is largely meaningless.

But it does sit in the middle of the other two.

Which is nice.

There is also a thin red trend line and a thin blue trend line which clearly show that my grow house will be hotter than the sun within only a few years, if the trend continues.

I don't think the trend is going to continue.

But it does seem to be stabilising a bit. That could be an illusion due to unseasonable fine weather. It could also be that my concrete has warmed up a bit and is now supplying some heat during the night.

I really have no idea.

I just thought you might like to see my graph.

It will make a bit more sense once I have some more data. After a few weeks, I should be able to make some kind of statement about what it has achieved. I should also be able to do another comparison to the graph I did earlier of a day in the hot house.

I figure, if I pick a similar day, I should be able to read some meaning into a second set of stats, even where there is no meaning.

Poor quality science can do that.

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