Aquaponics - Fish salad

A fish salad doesn't need to involve eating a fish. Sometimes its enough to just invite a fish to a salad dinner.

Some of my cos lettuce is going to seed, and that means it starts to get a bit bitter.

We repeat harvest our cos lettuce by pulling off leaves as we need them. This means you need a lot less room to get a salad every day, because the root stock is big and healthy, and the leaves you pull off are soon replaced. Repeat harvesting means none of the waiting for all that growing plants need to do when you plant them from seed.

But one nice thing about keeping silver perch, is that they eat all kinds of stuff.

I cut the top off a lettuce and dropped it into the fish tank.

Usually, you don't see any great excitement from the fish, but by the next morning it looks like it's been attacked by a bunch of lazy vegetarian piranha.

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  1. lazy vegetarian piranha.


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