Handmade fishing lures

I'm back in civilization, or at least back to where there is a decent internet connection that doesnt require the planets to be properly aligned to work.

Actually, I'm in Port Pirie, and I'm told there are not a lot of fish to be caught here. Some say none.

From what I can gather, they are not going to be interested in my lures, so I'm going to try to catch one anyway.

I figure I'll have the most chance with one of my super lightweight lures,

So this isnt really my post, this is just build up.

Get ready.

My actual post will be later tonight when I show you all the fish I've caught.

Port Pirie is a lead smelting town, so the fish should be particularly sweet.

The fish benifit because everyone leaves them alone, and I benifit becaue there are plenty of fish left.

See, everyone benefits from enviornmentally released lead.

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