Thinking - Pedestrian traffic self control

So... you know that thing where you are walking between someone close to some shelves or something and your turn your body sideways... to kind of... crab shuffle... past them?

I just discovered that I'm officially thicker than I am wide, so I should just barge past them front on from now on.

It's more polite, more efficient, and less disruptive.

You also have the added advantage of not needing to decide to go genitals facing, or arse facing them when you brush past them.

120ThingsIn20Years asks...Thicker than you are wide?...

Just barge on through facing front!

Aquaponics - Seed raising in sphagnum moss

Anyone looking for a nice clean medium to sprout seeds for aquaponics should have a look at sphagnum moss. The seedlings come out with out any damage to roots, and perfectly clean.

You can even place a wad directly into your system and put the seeds into it. Then either leave the moss in place for ever (it doesn't rot, but springs back into life, even though you buy it dry and dead).

You could also just pick it out once the plant had become established.

Here are radishes, and some kind of leek or something growing on my kitchen window sill.

120 Things in 20 years grew something!

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