Cooking - Emulsifying agents


This post isn't going to be about getting spies mixed up with each other, but rather an altogether much more palatable thing.

It's about salad dressing.

If I had my way it would be illegal to sell any food with an ingredient my grandmother couldnt instantly recognise.

Unless it was one that someone else's grandmother from some other country could immediately recognize.

That would be fine as well.

But anything like "dextroconcubinic acid" or whatever, is definately out. Dont bother looking that up, I invented it just now.

But I also dont think prohibition is worth anything at all, so I figure I should embrace all those mystery ingredients.

Or not.


But it's left me wondering why people dont have things like emulsifying agents in their kitchen. I understand an agg does a pretty good job of it, but what if for some unfathomable reason, you dont want an egg?

Well, (and here's the crux of the post) you can just add a little of something you dont recognise to get the result you want in the stuff you do recognize.

Take this for example...

Put a teaspoon of store bought, shelf stable mayonnaise-like product into your next salad dressing, and your oil and vinegar will love each other for ages before their inevitable separation.

It will undecuple the time your emulsion stays together!

120 Things in 20 years is feeling hungry.

Thinking - R2D2

That little R2D2 robot nugget doesn't really have a lot going for it other than charm and cracking skills. Some would say that's enough, but I want more from my personal robot assistant.

It talks in ascii via a screen when it communicates with humans, and chirps to everything else regardless of what language they speak. Even my iPhone speaks more languages than R2D2.

Now dont get me wrong, I've always enjoyed it's company, and it seems like a decent kind of ... device, but it hasn't seen a lot of upgrades in the time we've known it.

I think it's been a hundred years or so. The kid did a few adjustments, but I dont think there was any kind of major operating system upgrade from the manufacturer or anything, and it seems to have pretty much the same skill set on the ice planet as he did all those years earlier.

That makes him a toaster as compared to my aging phone.

Not happy!

120 Things in 20 years wants more from my robots NOW!

OK this time I really haven't added a photo (or a post really)

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