Solar hot water - Aquaponics - a day in the hot house graph

This graph really speaks for itself, but I like the sound of my own typing, so I'll be adding a bit as usual.

This graph represents my attempt to do something every hour, on the hour. If you click on it, it should open up to slightly bigger version that might be a bit more readable.

If you read all the times off the top line, you'll see I'm not so good at doing stuff to a schedule.

There was also a big chunk that should have extended out to the right for another 8 hours or so, but I went to sleep. Not a lot would have happened overnight. There have been some times where I have taken readings in the middle of the night, and the readings fit within a gradual decline over night to a point where they would roughly meet up with the 8am start data. I would expect the changes to be quite straight forward and gradual as the system radiated heat.

The cells with the yellow background represent daylight. Actual daylight at this time of year is from roughly 6:30am to 6:00pm. Roughly.

The solar heater output (graphed in yellow) comes about, as a result of a 10 metre length of 4mm black poly pipe, that I have coiled, and parked near the roof. It siphons a small trickle of water from the tap input to the glass house, up through the coil, then down to the fish tank. As far as I can see, I could just add a few more to shift any amount of heat I desire down into the fish tank, or storage, to be released slowly at night. Obviously there is a limit, but that limit comes down to how hot I want the air to be. I don't really know how hot a hot house should be, so I guess that's the next thing I need to study. It's one thing to decide to work on temperature stability, but I have a feeling I might be better off knowing the temperature I'm seeking to stay stable at.

It's interesting to note how wobbly the temperatures are outside, as compared to inside. Its also interesting to note that they seem to be getting even more stable over time.

Given I'm aiming for temperature stability, that's a good thing. I might not have to do as much as I thought. I might just have to sit down for a bit and wait.

I'm not very good at waiting, but I consider myself an expert at sitting down.

On this day, the hot house didn't see full sun until 3 hours before sunset, but when it has seen sun as soon as It could, it behaved by just being a bit hotter all round.

Sitting in a hot house is very, very nice.

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