Aquaponics - Pest control spider based sticky trap design

Ok so here's the plan.

Get a loop of wire and make a spider live in it.

Stick said loop into your aquaponics system.

Rid said aquaponics system of small flying insects.

Here's the implementation.

I made a loop of stainless steel wire.

It's around 250mm in diameter, and is what I think I'd be looking for in a frame for my web if I had been born a spider.

It has the following feature.

1 x 12mm Poly pipe spider accommodation pod.

From my observation, this is exactly the kind of place spiders that make webs, like to hang out in when they are not out doing maintenance on, or harvesting bugs from, their webs.

My plan, and this is the cunning bit, is to sneak up on a spider going about it's spidery business, and tennis racket the loop over the entire web and spider, instantly transferring the unsuspecting spider and pre-built web to it's new home.

Yeah, I pretty sure "tennis racket", can be used as a verb.

If it works, the spider might not even notice.

If the spider does notice and decides to move on, I have a backup plan.

I'll stand the web house in a dinner plate of water, so that the spider will be less inclined to walk or abseil away. I figure once the spider sees that it isn't such a bad place to live, it might decide to live there after all. I'll help the decision by adding a light to attract extra bugs into its web, and giving it a home free of predators within my grow house.

A reasonable deal I think.

Or at least an offer it cant refuse.


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  2. Thank you melody, I am grateful for your interesting feedback, but I am suspicious of anyone who maintains that their racket is "best".

    There have been some amazing cons throughout history.

    I do appreciate you taking time out of your busy life to warn me, of just how convincing your's is though.

    Thanks again.

  3. I have my doubts that hers wouls catch a single spider. All very lah-de-dah, but is it functional? Also, yours could be used as a wire loop game (refer link)only with far more voltage capacity.



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