Aquaponics - Spider based sticky traps

Having failed to convince unsuspecting spiders that, after a gigantic stainless steel hoop of wire has ruined their web, they should simply relax and move in, I thought I'd try a different approach.

Each time I'd try to relocate a spider into my new spider pod, they would make a run for the border as soon as they could. I haven't tried floating spider, home and all, in a plate of water as I originally planned, because it seems like a lot of work. Instead, I tried my other tried and true method.

I gave up for a bit.

Luckily I dumped the loop by standing it up in a nice spot in the grow bed.

Today someone moved in.

Only a little someone, but definitely a someone. The right kind of someone too, and they are already building a spider based sticky trap.

I guess if the aphids had moved in, I could just dunk the loop into the fish tank, and would get the same result. In fact that might have been even better, but it was a spider.

Did I mention she was small.

I zoomed in as far as my camera would let me, and magnified the picture afterwards. If I magnified the picture any more, the air became too visible, and got in the way.


But she will grow and I'll follow her progress. I'm hoping its a girl spider, because I need more predators.

Now that I have successfully made and populated a mobile spider home, I guess I'll just leave it where it is. After all, she probable knows more about eating and trapping small bugs than me, and more about where to do such hunts.

I've probably eaten more, but I didn't even know it at the time, so I don't think that counts as hunting experience.

For now, I'll do what I know best, and do nothing.

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  1. Watching with interest. If I weren't morbidly afraid of spiders, I'd have a crack at it myself.



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