Aquaponics - Striking roots

I have a funny feeling plants really enjoy the symbiotic relationship they have with animals.

I've taken a number of cuttings over my life, and with varying success had them sprout roots. But it seems with aquaponics, you could put a tree in a blender, burn it, pour acid over it, belt it with a hammer for an hour, then then stick a bit in an aquaponics grow bed, and it will take root.

I had the base of some celery left drowning in water in the fridge for 2 weeks and discovered unsurprisingly, that once all the stalks had been consumed, the base had stated to rot, and was very ready for the bin.

It had a few tiny pale stalks still on the base, so I planted it instead.

It's a week later and the pale stalks have all turned green, and it's growing nicely. I pulled it up to see if there were any roots, and it turns out there are.

I wonder if plants think it might be a good time to lay down roots when they find themselves in the company of live animals. Perhaps there is some kind of animal hormone that triggers the development of new roots.

I remember reading the word "hormone" on a packet of powder that was said to encourage root development in cuttings. I cant remember what it was, or what it said, but perhaps I should have paid more attention.

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