Aquaponics - Cooling a fishtank

I found a source of really inexpensive trout fry from my local fly fishing association, but it's already half way through the trout season, If I were to buy them, ($30 per 100) I'd need a way of cooling my aquaponics system through summer.

A while ago, we had a burst water main in front of our house, and it got me thinking about the possibility of shedding a bit of heat into the water main. Given the foot path is currently dug up, and there are a couple of orange cones alerting people to this fact, it might be possible to run some plastic tubing around the main supply pipe, and pump some of my system water through it.

The temperature of the water and the underground pipe will be roughly the same as the earth around it. If you dig down a few feet. the temperature is much more stable than air temperature in the same location. If you think of a cave, you'll see that the temperature is pretty close to the average yearly temperature of the location. This is because stone (dirt) holds a lot more heat than air, so it takes a lot longer for the rock to change temperature because so much "temperature" can be stored within it.

Because the pipes on my side of my water meter are open to the main pipe running down the length of the street, it might even be possible to use the pipes within my property.

It's just a vague thought, but it was in my head, so it had to come out.

120 things in 20 years just thought of something else, but it's too naughty to post about.

Thinking - Old people's hands

I got old peoples hands yesterday.

I've never had old peoples hands before.

Wear Levi's, pick guitars and go riding on trucks.

I'll be right back in just a sec...

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