Solar hot water - Poly pipe

My too hard basket brimmith over.

I have patches on my patched patches. I think it's time I gave up on my solar hot water heater.

And tried a new design!

For a change I thought I'd try taking advice from people who know much more than I do. I thought I'd try a different method. There comes a point where a project can leak more than one can safely ignore. Especially when wiser folk are suggesting I try something else.

So the new plan is to use poly pipe hose fittings to pass the water through the solar collector. I'll use two layers of corflute to insulate.

Also, it's possible to be too frugal.

Say, for instance buying enough T junctions to make only one half of my new design.

I'll get the rest tomorrow and test it rain or shine.

I suspect I'll need to add a second layer of these pipes in the grown up version to extract all the heat from the collector, but only a test will tell because I have no Idea how to calculate such stuff.

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