Aquaponics - Fish deaths

Fish deaths

extra sad


  1. Were these the new ones that you bought?

  2. yeah.

    It looks like negligence on my part with the placement of the water inlet for the pump. I was in contact with all my fishy forum people to try to suss what I did wrong. All my water tests look good as far as they can tell, and I took lots of macro shots of the fish to show them. But it looks like they just got pulled into my poorly designed inlet. :(

    There is now a 20cm exclusion zone

    I had no idea how keen fish were to commit sashimi :(

    Just put it on my karmic tab

  3. Ooooo.. that's painful. What are you using to distance them?

  4. Some stuff that came with my new pump. Its like pot scrubber plastic. It allows the water to flow through with ease but filters out the fish :(


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