Solar hot water - Corflute collector part 2

No photo today because my photo-journalistic skills are simply not up to the task of making pics of drying silicone look interesting.

There were only two small leaks in my corflute collector, but they will take at least until tomorrow to dry so there will be a part three to the construction of the test corflute collector.

In spite of my poor craftsmanship I actually have a tip or two to pass on. 

  • Black hose is best worked after it has been laid out in the sun for a day or so to straighten it. Tie one end to a fence and the other to a brick or something, so you can pull it tight.

  • If you cut the black tubing along the side of its natural bend it will sit straight against the edge of the corflute. For some reason its tempting to make your cut on the inside of the curve. Doing so will make your hose pull away from the corflute when siliconing.

  • Get a grownup to do your silicon work if you are as unskilled as I am.

  • Make sure your flutes go from top to bottom before you make any cuts or glue anything. I didn't make the error of getting it sideways, but I can imagine it would be a pain if I did.

  • Create a slight slope on your top cut in the corflute so that any bubbles will flow up to the exit hose. Bubbles are not your friend and any place where air can be trapped will collect air as soon as your solar collector starts working.
  • making solar hot water is much more exciting than I make it look in this list.

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