Aquaponics - Fish

Aquaponics - Fish

Fish! Vegetarians, this page might not be for you.

The swimmy, tasty side of the aquaponics equation is fish. Depending on where you live there are a few different options. Talapia might be one if you don't live in Australia. Statistically you don't live in Australia. If you did live in Australia, and you grew talapia, you might get into a stack of trouble. Talapia are a pest species for all of the reasons that make them a good candidate for aquaponics.

Catfish. I know nothing about catfish but it seems like they are a candidate for aquaponics. Other species that might be worth a look are Cod (angry, eat their young), Barramundi (warm water), Jade perch (highest omega three), Goldfish (only swallowed whole by 50's youth in TV sitcom "Happy Days") and various things like clams, and walking things with claws(whatever they may be called in your part of the world). Basically, from what I've read, if it poops and lives in fresh water you can use it. But if you don't intend to eat it I would think goldfish would be your best bet.

Check your local laws, but good candidates for edible species include...

Talapia are a very popular fish to grow in an aquaponics system because they cope with a wide range of water conditions, they eat everything and are apparently good to eat, they breed readily and grow quickly. If they are legal in your area, from what I've read they seem like the best choice as long as you have warm water. Talapia covert food into fish very efficiently.

Trout. If you are in a colder part of the globe you might try trout. Trout enjoy water that's less than 20 deg C. Its often possible to grow trout as a winter crop as they grow very quickly. Trout are often farmed commercially and are known for their conversion rate of feed to harvested fish fillets. ie It takes a relatively small amount of feed to grow a trout. I think that's because they do a lot of sitting still.

Carp are another pest species for Australians so are a no-go area for me. They are full of bones and taste like mud. Many Australians have a poor relationship with carp because we think they are full of bones and taste like mud. Australians also thought they tasted so good that they would import them from Europe and release them into waterways, causing insane damage to eco-systems that were poised on a knife-edge of sustainability just by virtue of being in Australia. Full of bones, mud.

Yabby. The yabby is delicious. As are marron. I'll be trying to grow some yabbies and/or some marron.
They breed in captivity, eat scraps of food left by other fish, and generally clean up your fish tank. I am trying to work out a way to keep them separate but living in the same fish tank.

[more in this post on marron]

Silver perch. Silver Perch seem to be the most suitable species for me to grow based on my location. They are good to eat but are a little slow to grow. They have high levels of omega three fatty acids, whilst retaining a clean white flesh. They are omnivores, and will eat things like lettuce and duckweed (a very small, floating plant I'll try to grow in nutrient rich barrels of water for fish food) From what I can gather they can take a wide range of water temperatures but might not grow much over winter. They also tolerate a wide range of water pH. If all goes well, I should have fish for the plate within 18 months, and then have a constant supply after that. Silver perch seem to get along with little silver perch without all the cannibalism that comes with some other species so I'm hoping to keep 3 or 4 different ages of silvers all in the same tank.

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  1. I love the concept behind your site. Your blog is awesome.

  2. I very much enjoyed your description of the carp. There is humor in that. This humor is funny in a dry way. Occasionally, as in this particular instance, it made me laugh.

    1. its true they taste like mud and are full of bones, i live in the UK and came home recently to Perth for my sisters wedding and had some shark and chips the shark tasted much better.

  3. Thanks!

    It's nice to hear someone got a laugh from my blog :)


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