Solar hot water - My first solar collector

Its done. Or at least its as done as its ever going to be. Now all I have to do is sit back with a tea bag at the ready and wait for all my hot water to collect.

I have a recommendation.

Paint stuff.

I've never really been into painting things. I'm more of a "just let it rust" kind-a-guy. But now I'm not so sure. Very small sections of this thing actually look as if it were made by someone who could make stuff. And all it took was some black paint, and a camera that cant deal with contrast.

Now all those people who say things like "If a jobs worth doing its worth doing properly." don't seem quite as insane as they did in the past. It occurs to me that when this thing springs a leak, even though its just an experiment, I'm really going to regret that decision to use that old tube of silicone I had lying around. A piece of junk left behind your garden shed is just junk, but paint it, and you leave that same piece of junk in plain sight where it belongs.

I should put this to the test by painting pieces of litter I find in the street.

Tomorrow I test my painted junk to see if I can collect some heat.

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