Aquaponics - Exclusion zone

It's said that a picture paints a thousand words. But I'm confident that I could have described this in under two hundred words.

I had another silver perch commit sashimi yesterday. I'm not certain if it was due to being caught up in the original ruckus, a new ruckus, or some mystery problem that I'm yet to discover.

I built a new and hopefully improved exclusion zone around the pump made of a soft drink bottle with some holes drilled in it. There. That took only ten words. They are already trying to defeat my new anti-fish security system as I type.

I get the feeling they are desperate for cover as they seem to be trying to burrow behind and under everything they can.  No doubt they are distressed at all my mucking about in there. Tomorrow I'll add a terracotta pot or something suitably non-toxic as something to hide in or under. I think they have had enough for today as I'v had my hands in their world for the last hour or so trying to block all the entry points to the pump.

This episode has raised some issues with regards my design for the bigger second system. I'll need to figure out some way to make the powerhead safe.

I also discovered as a result of a head count that I actually took delivery of twenty two silver perch, not twenty.

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