Solar hot water - Corflute collector part 1

Corflute collector part 1 will indicate to all just how bad I am at applying old silicone sealant to a home made corflute solar collector.

This gives some indication of the general idea. Tubes attached top and bottom will carry water up through hundreds of tiny tubes in the corflute (white thing pictured here side on) where they will be collected at the top into a bigger tube (black and end on) and sent to the storage tank. Actually that pic doesn't really look like its anything to do with this project but I promise it is. It's looking down the length of pipe that runs across the bottom of the sheet of corflute. The black hose will be siliconed on and a stopper put in place to block one end, and the inlet hose from the storage tank will be attached to the other end. The same will be repeated across the top)

My camera is really struggling to take pictures of the corflute, I think because its so bright white.  (I might have to make photography a "thing").

According to the instructions there is meant to be a nozzle that isn't packed with solid dry silicone. 

My work looks nothing like the suggested use pictured on the tube. My work looks like leftovers from "ice your own birthday cake day" at an infant school.

Oh well. At least I'll get some more practice when I have to do it all over again tomorrow, after I test for leaks.

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