Aquaponics - My first salad

I had my first aquaponics salad today. Whilst pesticide is delicious, its nice to know I now have a choice. I think this may have been the first pesticide free salad of my life.

Its also nice to know that the plants had whatever nutrients they needed. In the past my dirt garden attempts at growing lettuce always ended in bitterness. Literally. My lettuce was bitter. I think it was due to inconsistent water. It makes me think I might be able to grow carrots as well.

Because we are on rainwater only, anything that needed more water than nature provided had to do without in the past. When you try to grow carrots without enough water they split, and lack the sweetness of a proper carrot.

I think this aquaponics thing just might work.


  1. Isn't it great to eat the fruits of your labour! Congratulations!

  2. Good going!!!
    I'm trying to put together an aquaponics system here in northeastern US. Your posts are encouraging and helpful and informative.

    It's a wonderful thing you're doing!

  3. Thanks Cindy.

    Just remember to read a few posts down the track before you put any of my ideas into practice. I usually don't wait until I discover if something I try actually works before posting it, so just keep in mind that it might not :)


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