Aquaponics - Success

Success! I've actually managed to out-smart my fish. This last thwarter was made from a plastic mesh designed to keep leaves out of your gutters.

It's a good thing I'm learning on my small blue barrel system. I'd hate to be making all these adjustments on, and drilling holes in, my big system.

I just spent an hour trying to get my auto siphon to work again.

In order to prevent my fish tank from getting too cold overnight, I tried turning off the pump during the hours of darkness (I now have a small air pump for oxygenation). The downside to this was an increase in ammonia and nitrite levels.

- The nitrates values are divided by 100 so they fit on the graph. (I'm told nitrates can safely be over a thousand, so nitrates are not a concern)

I think my nitrite and ammonia levels are still within safe limits, and it was only for one night, but I've decided to go back to running the pump overnight.

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