Solar hot water - corflute collector part 3

Get ready for another riveting post on the corflute test collector!

I mounted the collector into a foam box and painted it with blackboard paint. I told you it was going to be exciting.

 Now I'll stop watching silicone dry and watch paint dry for a bit.

Actually its starting to look a bit more like something that might actually work.

To date all the experiments with water involved, haven't worked as well as they might have, but I suppose I did actually learn a few things along the way. And that is the point. I'm just not so good at this waiting business. I tend to rush my waiting.

All thats left to do is put the glass on and attach it to the drink bottle. Today I'm off to get a broken hot water service I'm hoping to use as a storage tank for the hot water I create with the real system. Either that or just undo a few screws and then leave it in my back yard for 20 years.


  1. I have tried making a corflute collector into a solar hot water panel.I remember it being quite frustrating trying to get the ends to seal. When the water gets hot and pressure is applied it holds for a while and then leaks develop. It is the glue/sealer that parts from the corflute.It was also difficult to get an even water flow through the tubes-some tubes are always favored. I gave up on it. However it might work for a swimming pool without the glass.

  2. Yeah, I found nothing that sticks to corflute, that would also stick to polly pipe.

    Hot glue worked pretty well, but as someone commented...Hot glue on a HOT water heater?

    It was bound to end in tears :)


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