Thinking - Crane drivers

Once, at a place I used to work, a crane was required.

A man with five or six Bandaids, all criss crossed over his balding head arrived with a crane.

It turns out, when you transport your crane, you chain it's hook to your front bumper bar.

As he was setting up his crane and unchaining it, he suddenly stood up from what seemed like a normal part of the routine.

He was directly under the freshly released hook.

The hook whacked him on the head hard enough to draw blood.

He went to the the cab of the truck, and using the rear view mirror, and his first aid kit, cleaned the cut on his head and put a Bandaid on it.

It was then that realised I'd better start noticing just how hilarious everything is, and take it all in.

One thing I've discovered about the universe, is that dead people never notice anything.

I just thought you should all know that.

Don't forget to notice everything.

120 Things in 20 years - More often than not, nothing to do with crane drivers and thinking.

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