Electronics - DIY waterproof switch build

It's a funny thing, but of all the wacky little inventions I've come up with since starting this blog, my DIY waterproof switch is the one I'm currently most proud of.

Here's how to build one.

I spent a long time trying to figure out a nice material to make a water proof, domed button out of.

I searched all over the place for ages until I decided to make myself a drink and found this inside my soft drink bottle.

I figured it would be perfect.

It already looks a little like a button.

I cut a 20mm hole in the end cap of the 90mm PVC tube that will house the electronics package for the demand fish feeder.

I needed to create a dome shape by pre-tensioning the gasket so I started by sticking the lid under the project temporarily with some tape.

This would allow me to press the button from the other side and hold it in place.

I added a large ball bearing to introduce a dome shape, and held it in place with vice grip pliers.

And the drink I'd made earlier.

And a box marked "Adjustable head magnifying glass".

Presumably, packaging for a device used to magnify heads.

I glued it in place and drank my drink through a straw until the glue set.

I figured with the ball bearing giving pre-tension, the glue should hold the gasket in it's new bubble shape to some degree,.

And it did.

This is the finished product from the inside.

Now when I mount a small tactile switch behind it, I should be able to press it from the outside so I can keep the electronics safe in a water proofed section of PVC.

It even works (if you can call that colour selection working (I was in a hurry))....

120 things in 20 years  Electronics - DIY waterproof switch build

All button pressing by Mrs 120ThingsIn20years
Mrs. 120ThingsIn20years is highly skilled at pushing buttons, and in the interests of domestic harmony, this should never be attempted at home.
Only one soft drink bottle was harmed in any way during this video production.
My drink was delicious 


  1. Love it!!!! And the way you tell the story as well. Drinking your beverage through a straw while waiting for the glue to dry.

  2. Great idea!! Thanks so much!!

  3. wow, this will help me i was looking for something like that for my projects too, thanks and keep the good work!


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