Aquaponics - Lady birds

That's not a real bird.

Some birds are more birdlike than others. Ladybirds  (lady bugs in North America) are hardly bird like at all. And they don't even rate on the lady-like scale (whatever that means)

The most birdlike aspect of ladybirds is that they can fly, and lay eggs.

The least birdlike activities include going through 4 different stages as they mature and mutate, being a savage cannibalistic predator in all but the egg stage, and generally being spotty, and featuring in a lot of children's books.

Whoever does their PR is a genius.

Their colour scheme for one is a delight to child and adult alike, but must strike fear into the hearts (or heart-like glubbs*) of aphids everywhere.

They should really be called "lady beetles" or ladybird beetles" as they are not actually bugs (or birds) , but are or course beetles.

They look like this in one of their stages.

And this is how that same ladybird larva looks in a soup bowl.

And this more familiar look in their adult version.

I'm told that they eat a stack of aphids (up to 300 in that first stage) but I'm often lied to.

But I actually think that's correct.

*yeah, that's a word now.

Glubbs (ˈfɜːfɪ) 
Heart like organ found within colourful, semi-spherical polka dotted fictitious insects, that whilst seemingly anti-aerodynamic in shape, can somehow fly (see magic)

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