Aquaponics - Ground level adjustment

As with some low lying pacific islands, from time to time, it's a good idea to make the ground a bit thicker.

It helps stop everything from dying, and makes everyone feel a little safer.

There has been a lot of settling out of the media in my grow bed over the last year and half, so we decided to finally get around to topping it up.

It will add some extra filtration, and also some extra space for root systems that are now getting huge.

When I dig anywhere in the bed now, I find tomato roots.

I had to lift the celery, and the capsicum (pepper?) plant to stop their stems from rotting, but left the tomato where it was. I understand you can bury a bit of tomato stem, and it will do the right thing and just send down some extra roots and keep on growing.

I'm counting on my two tomato plants to stick to that understanding, as they are currently the main feature of my system.

My computer decided that it didn't want to share any more, so there will be no photo's until it comes around to my way of thinking. In fact there might not be any more blog until it comes around to my way of thinking, or gets itself replaced.

120 Things in 20 years, just Aquaponics - Ground level adjustment

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