Aquaponics - Hover fly

Since I was a kid, I always loved these little critters. I think they are called hover flies.

If I've identified these guys correctly, they are the perfect package.

From what I have read, they are attracted to honeydew, (a sticky substance excreted by aphids of which I have plenty) they lay eggs on the leaves with honeydew on them, and the eggs hatch into aphid eating monsters. It seems they eat up to 400 aphids before having a little nap and waking up as an egg laying, hovering, pollen eater.

This probably explains why I don't seem to have a problem with pollination any more.

I also don't seem to have a problem with aphids any more.

The larvae eat aphids, the adults are pollinators, and they hover perfectly.

I cant think of a better bug.

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