Aquaponics - Caterpillar

I enjoy sharing my produce with caterpillars as much as the next guy.

But these guys don't get the whole "wait until you've finished one bit before taking a bite from the next bit" thing.

Whoever wrote that book about the caterpillar munching it's way merrily through a stack of different pages full of valuable produce definitely wasn't hungry at the time. If they were, there would have been a very different ending involving being eaten by a fish.

Who would do this to a green tomato, and then move on to another .

I understand that you have to eat it before the next guy does, but all that waste! The way to take over the world is to get together with all the other bugs, and wait until the fruit is ripe like the humans do.

And then waste the food by tipping it into the ocean or setting fire to it so the market is protected.

Bugs know nothing of free market economics.

120 things in 20 years often aquaponics, sometimes pointless, but few would argue against my claim to it's number one ranking in the world of caterpillar politics and economics.

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