Aquaponics - Exciting new mould

Just when things within the aquaponics system were going quite poorly, a new problem has dropped in!

Exciting, isn't it.

The universe saw fit to add some white powder-like mould to my peas, to go with the black, powder-like mould it provided to keep my strawberries company.

It looks like this.

Actually it only looks a bit like that.

That looks more like some white powder-like mould with some spray on it.

I forgot to take a photo before I dosed it.

And I also forgot to rig up a fan to circulate some air around my growhouse to stop things like mould outbreaks.

The spray is water mixed with a tiny bit of Eco-Rose.

Eco-Rose is a product that claims to be good for treating powdery mildew and black spot. It's also a product used to add potassium to aquaponics systems.

I don't know if I have powdery mildew, but it worked on the black mould I had last time.

I thought the black mould might be powdery mildew as well, so I cant see any reason why it shouldn't work on the white mould that I also suspect is powdery mildew.

In fact it should work better, because the black stuff turned out not to be powdery mildew after all, so I've very slightly increased my odds of being correct this time.

Which is nice.

120 Things in 20 years, offering slightly better aquaponics odds and exciting new moulds.

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