Aquaponics - Instant siphon extension

One of the issues with rising sea levels is that you cant just pile up extra dirt and hope all your plumbing will still work.

Mine didn't.

As a result of the extra few centimeters of scoria I added, I lifted all the existing plants except the tomatoes. As I understand it, the tomatoes will just send down some extra roots from the newly buried stem, and all it will do is make them grow with even more vigor.

The rest of the plants may well now have their roots too far out of the wet stuff for their liking, so I need to lengthen the stand pipe, and the siphon to accommodate it.

For the bacteria to take advantage of the extra media depth, it needs the water level to rise, so the solution was an instant siphon extension.

The standpipe was easy enough, as a standard length of black poly pipe fit in the existing standpipe.

And I found that one of my black plastic pots fit nicely inside the siphon, and they are tapered, so I could jam it in to make it stick.

All it took was to cut the bottom out.

Drill some holes around the bottom edge to let the water flow through freely.

And finally, I jammed the narrow end into the siphon.


It even look good(ish).

Today on 120 Things in 20 years, rising water levels demand an instant siphon extension to be added to my aquaponics system.

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  1. Hi 120. Did this technique work? have been battling an uneven growbed base by gradually filing away at the bottom of the bell ... to absolutely no effect.


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