Aquaponics - Dipel works

If I hadn't replaced my first sentence with this, my second one would have made a lot more sense.

Actually it doesn't seem to have a smell to love, in the morning or at any other time.

But I didn't, so there you go. I hate censorship, even when I do it to myself.

Dipel turns out to work really well, and doesn't seem to have a smell or be toxic in any way. It's certified organic, and makes caterpillars dead.

In short, I love the stuff.

Dipel is a bacteria that makes caterpillars get a little ill and go off their food.

Sorry Vegetarians.

Do vegetarians kill caterpillars, but just not eat them? I'll have to ask my veggie friends. I'll get back to you on that one.

At first I didn't mind it when I was losing leaves to caterpillars, but when they started eating fruit on my tomato vines, I had to draw a line in the sand. Or in my case I had to draw a line in the scoria.

I actually like it when I see pests in the garden, because as long as they are not in plague, they keep the predators around and well fed. If the predators are not around when a plague brakes out, there is too much of a lag between the time of the pest and the predators breeding up enough to restore balance. As long as pest and predator are both in place, we see everyone getting along just fine. (providing you consider being attacked and eaten getting along just fine). I suspect things that eat grass always breed more readily than things that eat meat. Probably because you need to invest so much energy raising a hunter with the big brains and tactical minds and all, but grass eaters can get away with brains that spend more time thinking grass grass grass grass grass grass grass grass grass grass grass grass grass grass grass grass grass grass grass grass grass grass grass grass.

Whilst some humans spend time pondering their relationship with grass, many others spend their allotted hours on things like war, driving really fast, and baking.

At first I thought the Dipel wasn't working because I didn't see any sleepy caterpillars lying about on my scoria. Later I found ants quickly whisking them away and then not spending their ant days waiting under the caterpillar tree in the hope for more. For some reason they just left one or two ants waiting and everyone else went home to watch TV or something. But after watching them for way too long I would see them come running out whenever I knocked off one of my dead caterpillars from the tomato vine.

120 things in 20 years - It's kind of, like, you know, about everything really.

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