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[Edit from the future - there is some additional material on NFT ]

That previous post was meant to go out 2 days ago, but I saved it as a draft instead of publishing it.

That sums up my life at the moment.

I'm in draft mode. I found one of my fish dead, on the concrete yeaterday. I'll post about it when I know a bit more about it.

But I did take the time to check the water level in my NFT test, and discovered that not only was the water very hot, but there was a worm in it.

My worm looks like he's all broken and sore, but when I gently teased him out, it tuns out he was faking.

Perhaps he's in labour.

I've always thought that those large, white, thicker sections on a worm indicated the presence of an egg. (seen here on the left in pink)

One of the dangers in always thinking something, is that it might not be true. With anything you have known all your life, there is a fair chance your older brother was the source of the information at the worm wise age of five and a half.

I'll look into it, and if it turns out it's important, I'll let you know.

But the reason this post is in solar hot water, is than on a 17c day, I'm finding my water in the NFT tube, within the grow house, is 36c. I'm pretty sure worms don't like 36c so I moved him back into the main system. There is also the danger that something like a worm could block the plumbing and cause an overflow.

I'm guessing that's a little hot for strawberry plants as well, although they seem content enough.

That's not bad from a heat collecting position though, even if it isn't so good for a strawberry or worms position.

The strange thing is, I'm collecting all this heat from a white PVC tube, that I thought would be one of the cooler sections of my grow house. It's making me rethink the way I might go about collecting some heat to make a solar hot water heater.

The other strange thing is that the air temperature in the hothouse is 29c.

I think I might have a hot house within a hothouse situation going here.

If so it might be very easy to concentrate some pretty hight temperatures, making storage of the heat a lot more compact.

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