Aquaponics - Hot house

A few days ago, I bought a little hothouse.

It's actually surprisingly well made, as far as the frame goes.

I have no idea how long the cover is going to last, but I'm assured it's made of UV stabilised plastic.

If the plastic gives out on me I'll recover it with a thicker, more rigid poly carbonate sheeting.

It works. It's hot in there.

It's my new office.

The shelving will come in handy, as I'm planning to add some NFT channels or something similar, to expand my growing space.

NFT or nutrient film technique usually has 1 or 2 millimetres of nutrient rich water flowing through  pipes with a series of holes cut in the top. Small pots sit in the holes. If you've ever bought a lettuce from a supermarket with roots still on, there is a fair chance it was grown hydroponically, in NFT channels.

I think I might go a little deeper, and have a little more flow to keep everything cool.

I also just discovered these tie down things in my shed that I didn't know I had. They work like luggage tags or those single use handcuffs, and I cant help thinking the way they ratchet will be extremely useful for something down the track.

They're also very useful as tie downs.

[Edit from the future - there is some additional material on NFT ]

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