Aquaponics - Core sampler

Last night I had an idea.

I thought it might be nice to be able to see inside my aquaponics system.

I thought I should build some way to take a core sample.

I started with what used to be a aquaponics media screen, and then became a cheese press. Its now a media screen again.

I then created something similar from a thinner length of PVC, and stuck a lid full of holes on the bottom, to form a cup.

This will hold my removable, and replaceable core sample.

The plan is to push the media screen into the media, empty the media from inside the screen, and then sit the core sample cup inside.

It takes a bit of work, but I found it helped to screw the media screen in a bit. It turns out, there is a lot of friction between scoria, and a PVC media screen.

As I drilled the screen down, I removed more and more of the media from inside.

Due to the curved bottom of the blue barrel, it ended up on a bit of an angle, but I think it should work just fine.

I decided to put this contraption under my water inlet so I could have a look at the state of any solids build up.

The system is a year old now so is starting to show signs of maturity. When you dig into it, there is a faint scent of rich healthy soil. Like fresh mushrooms have.


I should be able to take the core out, dump it into a bowl, and see what state the system is in.

I'm not even sure if I'll learn anything by doing this, but it was another opportunity to drill holes in PVC so I couldn't see any harm in making one.

I plan on introducing some worms to my system, so hopefully this will enable me to see where my worms are at as well.

Now all that's left to do is sit back and soak up all the excitement that only a replaceable core sampler can provide.

[edit from the future - opening my first mature core sample]

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