Cheese - Temperature control 33c

Is it just me, or does everyone constantly place thermometers all over the house, probing for suitable places to make cheese?

Last year, a good friend and bee whisperer, took pity on the quality of the coffee served at our house, and gifted Mrs 120ThingsIn20Years an espresso machine.

This was an unfortunate development, because now, no matter what, we always have to have one.

But I discovered, aside from making perfect coffee,  it also makes for the perfect place to keep a small cheese making venture at 33c.

The only difficult thing about making my totally successful bovine variety of haloumi, was keeping the temperature at around 30c.

Not that it was all that difficult to do, but it was the most difficult bit among a stack of easy things.

Our (see me claim ownership) little espresso machine has a plate on top that is warm whenever it's switched on. I'm guessing its to keep cups warm. You would have to drink a lot of coffee to leave the thing switched on, and because we try to maintain sanity, we don't use it.

As a result, it's always available for cheese making.

Thanks espresso machine.

Thanks Buzzy.

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  1. hey fishy I had a feeling it would double nicely as a cheese temp controller


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