Snail farming - Snail wrangling

As a snail wrangler, I feel there is a decided lack of snail farming sayings that sufficiently express the dangerous, and action packed lifestyle that only living on a working snail farm can offer.

Every day I peer into my sophisticated snail farming saucepan, and see that they have actually eaten, but mostly they seem to do a lot of sleeping. Surprisingly, when I open the lid, they often make a break for freedom, and sometimes succeed. Which gives rise to the first of my old snail farming sayings.

"Snails. They're faster than you think."

Aside from escape efforts, the snails have also been exhibiting egg laying behaviour. Egg laying behaviour in so far as they dig into the soil, but don't actually lay any eggs. I cant help thinking that the soil is unsuitable or something. I might add a little sand to it.

From what I've read, I should have seen some eggs by now from at least one of my clan, so I'm going to try to learn a bit more about their reproductive requirements.

Their house currently looks like this.

Every time I put food in for them, it's eaten as soon as I wander off for a bit and look in again. But I still haven't actually seen them eat.

Perhaps they're shy.

But I suspect they're planning something behind my back.

Which gives rise to my second old snail farming saying.

"Never, ever, turn your back on a snail."

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  1. Perhaps they're secretly communicating with their cousins, the carnivorous black Otway snail (, who will come to their rescue, very slowly devouring you in the process...


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