Aquaponics - Hot house temperature

I've always wanted my own mini-planet, or at least some sea monkeys.

The planet I found in my black soldier fly picture looks a lot like earth, and even conveniently has the equator drawn on.

I think the equator might be the power line from my house to my shed. And Europe is a tree.

But it's still convenient, and there may well be something like sea monkeys living within its watery boundaries.

And while we find ourselves on the subject of black soldier flies. What is a fly doing carrying around, what looks like, a Venus Fly Trap on its back? Goth? Emo? Is it trying to make some kind of political statement?

But this post is about my hot house and other than that photo coming from the inside of said house hot, it has little to do with anything.

My hothouse seem to be working really well. At the very least it's a really nice place to sit when its cold, but sunny. As a result I'm spending way too much time sitting. But it's very nice.

The hot house regularly gets to a tropical 33c in a wintery 12c day, and takes most of the day to bring the fish tank temperature up from an overnight 10c -12c to around 16c - 18c. 16c is when silver perch seem to spring back into life, and so have been feeding with their old summer time vigour. Today actually had an overnight low of 14c in the fish tank, and an afternoon high of 20.

I've had some discussion with people who know such stuff, and I'm told there might be some stress for the fish with such large temperature swings, but I just realised that prior to the glass house, I saw 4c - 8c overnight lows, rising to 10c - 14c in the late afternoon. That's the same size swing, but starting from a perhaps stressfully low 4c, so who knows, but it does seem like it gains 6 degrees max.

The fish don't seem to be showing signs of stress, and are feeding a lot more. But given I like solving problems, I'll just treat this as a problem, even though I'm not sure if it is. Most of these kinds of solutions prove to be useful to someone, somewhere, so even if its not an issue for me, stabilising temperatures could well help someone else. Stable temperatures will no doubt make my fishies even happier.

So that's my new problem, temperature stabilisation within an aquaponics environment.

Wish me luck.

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