Aquaponics - Pest control automatic fish feeder

I have an idea.

This one was inspired by irritating people, and just how much my fish enjoy eating bugs. It  also involves a deer scarer, and some green plastic.

There are these things you can buy that attract bugs to them because they are a shade of green or blue that fools bugs into thinking they are going to be even more yummy than your veggies. The green ones no doubt are a leaf colour that's attractive, and I'm guessing, the blue ones are some ultraviolet thing.

Some bugs see into the ultra violet bit of the spectrum, or so I'm told by TV, and its never been wrong about anything before.

But the point is they are sticky. When your sticky green square is covered in bugs, you bin it, and get another.

My plan is to get some green stuff that isn't sticky, and point a deer scarer at it so that every minute or so, it suddenly pours water over the green plastic and washes any bugs into the fish tank. I was thinking of perhaps bending something green into a PVC pipe that sits up near the grow bed, but empties into a fish bistro below.

Less bugs and happy fish. A win, win, lose situation everyone except bugs can enjoy*.

I have no idea if it will work, because I have no idea how long the bugs would hang around on a bit of green plastic if it wasn't sticky. But I suspect, that if the little deer scarer washed it often enough, it would work. It might also be the kind of thing a moth might like to lay eggs on, and I'm guessing my fish would enjoy some moth caviar every now and again. At least I'm sure they would enjoy it more than my plants do.

I have no idea if it will work, and even less of any idea as to how I might tell if it has worked, but I think I might make one, and find out.

*I actually quite like bugs, and appreciate their motivations, but I maintain, that their freedom to express their buggyness ends where my lunch begins.

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