Aquaponics - The Bullwinkle sequencer Success!

I'll put together a "how to" post describing the build as soon as I can, but I just thought I would share this now.

A flow splitter might be a useful thing to someone with a small fishtank, and a lot of grow beds. It allows you to fill your growbeds in turn from the same water supply without forcing your fish to flap about on fry land as their water is all transferred to the garden.

As far as I know this is an original idea, and as such offer it freely to the world to do as you please with it. You may make it, duplicate it, sell it, profit from it.

I would ask that if you improve on the design that you also give it freely to the world.

I also ask you you let me know if you make one so at least I know my work have been helpful to someone. I enjoy seeing other people make my lure designs, and would love to see a working flow splitter. Personally I have no use for this, so I'll probably never see it in actual use. This idea came about because of a request, and was a test of a problem solving method I'm working on that I call "the invention engine".

Please comment, suggest improvements etc. Feedback would be greatly appreciated.

[edit from the future - There is some additional material on sequencers. Readers might find this newer version in a post titled  The Bullwinkle sequencer build of interest. It's a better design, and only costs around AU$15 to build with off the shelf PVC components]


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