Thinking - Abstract power projection in modern youth

When baking bread I started with a disclaimer, and it felt kind of good. I thought I'd drop in another one to see how it felt to insulate myself the second time around.

Sometimes when writing, life presents an easy way out whereby one can hint at a story that doesn't exist in order to create a sense of mystique where really there is none. I didn't want to do anything too controversial on my first attempt, so I choose to imply that there was something secretly more interesting than a mango to use as a rubber band yo-yo. I warn the reader in advance to ensure there is no offence at my deceit.


When I was a kid, we used to get a green mango, and the endless rubber band from inside a golf ball. (I'm not sure if golf balls (or kids for that matter) are still made that way)

You took perhaps 15 feet of rubber "string" and threaded it through a green mango. Then you could do some crazy yo-yo style action, and [insert your own preferred adjective here]  it around by 50* feet from side to side.

It was a good thing.

I think boys like torches and things that fire darts and bullets around, because it allows us to project power and general influence to places beyond our immediate reach. ie a mango based yo-yo/intercontinental ballistic missile.

Perhaps young girls do as well, but I've never been one, so I cant claim to know.

Those among you who are alert may note that generally speaking, I've also not been other young boys, so really cant speak for them either.

But I still recommend a good torch as a present for any young man who doesn't have one.

We love them, and no age is too young or too old for a decent torch.

Turn to the nearest man and ask them if their life would be slightly better if they owned a better torch than the one(s) they currently own.

Having read my exciting exposé, I feel confident you will remain unsurprised
Those of you in the know, will also be aware of the fact that the amazing yo-yo like devices in question weren't really made with green mangoes.

That just wouldn't make any sense.

Thinking abstract power projection in modern youth? 

Think 120 Things in 20 years - What was the subject again? 

*Numbers depicted may not reflect reality

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