Bread - Loaf 5

I think this last loaf worked really well.

But first, a correction to the last post.

The bit that read...

I read somewhere that if you take the number 44, and subtract the room temperature in centigrade, you are left with the temperature the water should be. (presuming your flour is at room temperature)

Should have said,  "Take the number 54 and subtract the room temperature AND the flour temperature, and you are left with what the water temperature needs to be."


This latest loaf, loaf number 5 worked really well. 

I think. 

I haven't tried it yet because I'm risking taking it to a friends house for a dinner party. 

It was made the same way as the last loaf except this time I preheated the oven properly with some cast iron the bottom to try to get some heat under the loaf.

The other difference was that I removed the plastic handle, and lid handle from a deep non-stick frying pan to act as a backing tray. This meant there was a much smaller gap between the dough and the cover (the last time I used a large bowl) , and as I result, I think I got more steam. 

I didn't add any water, but the dough contributes a bit as you can see, with the lid steaming up. 

This is after their final shaping, and after a few minutes of rising. 

This is what they looked like after their final rise, and just before slashing and being put into the oven.

This time I saw an extra rise in the oven for the first time. I'm not sure if it was because the loaf was in a container, and had nowhere to go but up, or if it was the steam, the hot iron at the base, or something I haven't understood yet. 

My 120 Things in 20 years loaf number 5 worked as well. Two in a row is a lot, lot better than one in a row. 

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