Aquaponics - Carrot

I pulled up one of my carrots prematurely to see if they were developing into something carrot looking, or were going to look like Elvis.

Something I read ages ago in a dirt gardening book mentioned that you should plant carrots in deeply dug soil that had old fertilizer added. If you had too much new fertilizer the carrot would branch out seeking the nutrient, rather than going straight down looking from nutrient.

I think my carrots are going to be carrot looking.

Obviously, it's early days yet, but at least they haven't started to go crazy yet.

I suspect that even if they do they might still be good to eat, because they will be all nice and clean and fine to eat without peeling.

Besides, I'm happy to eat Elvis shaped carrots if the ebay market has dropped off for rock star/deity shaped vegetables and pictures on toast.

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