Aquaponics - Constant supply

Diseases are getting clever.

Mine makes me throw up my medicine, rendering the windows and the medication  becomes ineffective*.

I don't really have a big enough area of grow bed to be very disciplined about maintaining a constant supply of things like lettuce. To do so really requires leaving a bit of space for the seeds I should be adding next week, but I find myself wondering how carrots might do in my system, and use all the reserved real estate to find out.

It's not always carrots. I don't suffer from whatever habitually planting carrots in any free garden space might be called, although I'm guessing someone does, and I'm guessing it is a condition.

The Internet, after all, is a very big place.

But, if I ever found some self discipline, or more grow bed real estate, I'd more thoroughly deploy my system for making sure you plant stuff when you should.

And its this...

If you get little jars with each kind of seed you grow on an ongoing basis, you can label the jars with the days of the month you plant on to ensure a constant supply. In my case, Cos lettuce needs to be planted every 5 days, so my jar would be labelled 1 - 5 - 10 - 15 - 20 - 25. And my baby spinach, 1 - 10 - 20, chives  1 - 15 for every two weeks, and basil has a 1 for once a month.

The result, is all you need to know is the date, and you know what to plant. If you had enough jars that keeping track of such things became necessary, you could also add how many seeds to plant.

Remembering to plant stuff was never really the problem. The main problem was remembering when I planted stuff last. This way you just look at the date and know.

Unless you are lazy.

120 Things in 20 years has taught me that in spite of my seed management system enabling my ongoing dedication to laziness, I still have to remember what season it is and pull out the suitable jars from long term storage. Who would have thought knowing what season it was might be useful.

*I think I just found a linguistic need for a quantum word requiring that rather than being fixed, it's location and or existence is dependant on the observer.

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