I think I'm going to learn how to make bread.

Bread seems to be one of those technologies that are important because they changed the world, and at least these days, bread is delicious.

I thought I might start by making some from scratch.

To do that I thought I might grow some wheat. But then I though, "I know. I'll just buy some wheat!".

The plan is already coming off the rails.

Either way, there's going to be some bread.  I love the stuff, and eat it all the time, but don't really know anything about it. I even have a bread maker that makes perfect bread every time. It's a bit like a baker in that respect, but it also keeps it's secrets.

I've made a few attempts over the years, and made some damper as a kid. Damper is made by putting an Australian who either worked on the land 50 years ago, or more often than not someone going camping, and mixing said Australian with some flour, baking soda, and water. You separate the Australian from the dough, and place the dough in the coals of a camp fire then cover it all with ash and bits of grit until it sounds hollow when you tap it.

That means it's as ready as it ever will be, and will be a bit like bread. Basically it's a useful thing to fill all the space in your stomach when it really should be filled with yummy stuff.

In reality damper can actually taste quite nice, but the chances of cooking it just right are pretty slim if the damper I've tasted are anything to go by. Sometimes a small section that isn't either raw, or burnt can give a hint of the potential.

I seem to recall that adding a bit of salt, sugar, and some sultanas helped a bit when we went camping as kids.

Dampers currently sold in restaurants and bakeries in Australia are probably faked a little to make them a little better tasting, and a little lighter.

But it's yeast that in my opinion is one of the great technologies of the world, and the one I intend to explore and get to know a bit better.

120 Things in 20 years - I'm out of bread.

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  1. Damper: 1 Australian, flour, baking soda & water.

    I love it!


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