Aquaponics - Suckfish

I found my cold water algae eating suckfish that I hadn't seen in a while*.

They are tiny and like to hide a lot, but they seem to be doing ok, and there are definitely signs the sump is getting a bit cleaner.

They look like this...

Sorry about the photo quality. My camera thinks I want really sharp images of the surface of the water, so to take a photo I have to fake it a little.

The worm looking thing is a millipede. I choose to use unknown lengthed millipedes for scale when taking pictures of algae eating fish.

The real reason I took this pic, is because it's so infrequently that I see one, and even more infrequently that I see both together.

It's nice to know that I still have two, and it's not just one, pretending to be two.

*120 Things in 20 years world first. To the best of my knowledge, nobody in the world has ever written that before. Even google agrees 

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