Aquaponics - Tomato problem

I haven't been into my grow house for a few days because I've been too busy making bread.

But today I went in and although everything is ticking along just fine, I found two odd leaves on my tomato plants.

One looked like this...

Very distinct purple veins.

Sometimes tomato plants have this a bit, and the photo didn't really capture how different this leaf is from others.

It's quite attractive actually, but is no doubt the harbinger of some exciting new tomato drama.

The other interesting leaf looked like this.

It looks a bit like normal old age in a tomato leaf, but this is a new leaf, on a new shoot.

I think this one might be nitrogen deficiency. The water has become cold, and the fish have nearly stopped eating, so there might not be enough nutrient.

I don't really have enough fish for my system.

120 Things in 20 years. That's the plan anyway. But for today, it's an exciting new aquaponics tomato leaf problem.

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