Aquaponics - Bean density experiment - Opps

When you pack up and go fishing halfway through some science, your desire to catch protein can ruin your experiments in growing protein.

It can still be possible to draw some conclusions about the experiment.

a. The 1,2*,4,8, and 16 bean pots all seemed to grow at around the same rate. The 32 bean pot lost 3 plants when they were already quite established and healthy looking (but not as big as all the others), and also was the only pot that looked like it suffered from insect and disease attack. The others seemed fine.

b. Sometimes fishing makes bean plants go all crunchy.

*In the pot with 2 seeds, only one sprouted.

Protein:- Grow it or fish for it. All the big questions asked, but often left un-answered here at 120 Things in 20 years 

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