Aquaponics - Bean density test

This test is about as unscientific as it gets, but its starting to show some unscientific results.

I started with plastic cups with holes drilled in them, filled them with scoria, and planted between 1 and 32 bean seeds in each.

Originally the plan was to transfer then to my NFT grow tubes, but because I lost the last ft of beans to overheating, I thought I might just leave them in a tray of nutrient rich water, and see what happened. Rather than being in the grow house, they are in the shade in a cool corner next to my house.

The beans with less seeds seem to be growing bigger healthy leaves, up to 16 seeds in the same cup, but the cup with 32 seeds seems to be struggling.

I say it inst very scientific, or at least not as it applies to aquaponics, because there might be a huge difference if the water was flowing, and oxygen rich.

But here is a top view anyway.

As soon as I have enough cooler grow space, I'll redo the test in a proper aquaponics environment rather than a nutrient rich stagnant puddle.

120 Things in 20 years, more than just stagnant puddle pseudo-science, and aquaponics bean density tests.

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