Aquaponics - Healthy silver perch feeding

It seems my fish have totally recovered from whatever it was that was troubling them, and are now growing so fast that I think it's time to eat another.

Since I lost a few a while back to some mystery problem, the remaining six have been getting more food each. And one in particular is getting much more than the others just because it's the biggest.

Eating more than your share is normally an excellent tactic for success in the wild, but in my little system, it just draws attention to yourself, and makes you stand out as a likely candidate for the plate.

They are now looking around for more food than I can give the system.

In aquaponics, it's important to fed the system rather than the fish. If you keep feeding the fish as much as they want, when they get bigger, there may come a point where the system cant process the amount of feed you are putting in. So always thinking in terms of feeding the system rather than feeding the fish is a good idea.

All you need to do is keep checking your water with a test kit until you start to see the first signs of it being overwhelmed. If you start seeing ammonia or nitrites, it means you have reached your systems limit. take note of how much feed you are putting in and then back off just a little to be sure.

Then never feed your fish more than this amount in a day.

If the fish want more feed than you can give them, it's time to eat some, or sell some if you are growing a variety not for the plate.

My fish look like this at the moment, with the biggest being around 25 cm in length.

120 Things in 20 years, where the greediest of your Aquaponics - Healthy silver perch feeding, tend to be the first to hit the BBQ.

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