Aquaponics - Capsicum leaf problem

I still keep losing leaves on one of my capsicum plants. It's the one I got my first fruit on, but since then all other flowers have failed to set fruit.

This has to be the least of all possible problems to have as I have four or five other capsicum plants that are all doing well, but I still find it interesting.

Some time ago I posted about the leaves all falling off the other plants as well, but all the others have recovered. This plant is going to end up being a stick with a nice healthy capsicum hanging of the top of it.

You can see at the bottom, a leaf about to drop. The string is because it never really gained a strong footing before this fruit came on, so the poor plant keeps having to lie down for a bit of a rest.

The leaf starts to fade at the tip, and the fade moves down to the stem until, after about a month, the leaf falls off. I have no idea what's causing it, or if it's still an afetr shock from the damage done to them earlier, but I cant wait to pick my first capsicum.

My next fruiting plant has a dozen or so small capsicums, and a few flowers yet to develop. The other plants that look a little slower, but even they have nice healthy leaves and the beginnings of some flowers.

120 Things in 20 years, more questions than answers, with aquaponics and capsicum leaf problems.

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