Entomology - I made maggots

I'm now the proud owner of some maggots.

I hope the people who own this house that are dropping tomorrow to do some repairs, appreciate maggots.

I'm guessing they will.

Who wouldn't?

I even moved them up close to the house so they can best enjoy them.

Actually the fish doesn't stink at all. You can smell it if you get up close to the opening, but that's to be expected.

We've had a few very hot days here, so if ever there was a time it was going to stink, I'm guessing the last few days would have been it.

They look like this.

They seem huge. Much bigger than other maggots I've seen. I'm still holding out hope that they might be black soldier fly, rather than the common house fly.

The maggot farm acts as a trap, so I can tell what's visited, and don't see a black soldier fly, but there's a chance it could have dropped eggs and escaped. Or that it is in there somewhere dead among the fish bits.

Either way, I guess I'll know soon, because if my harvester works I'll be able to get a better look, and take some measurements.


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