Solar photovoltaic panels - My first little solar panel and a tiny motor

I received the 6 in 1 solar toy that I bought a few days ago. And this is the bit I really wanted to play with. It's a tiny electric motor.

Pictured here with a normal bic ball point pen, and powered by only a square inch of solar panel, this little thing is amazing. the motor costs around $2 (from memory, don't quote me. I saw them on ebay after I bought the toy kit) when bought by itself, and packs a surprising amount of punch.

Especially when you consider how small the photovoltaic cell is.

I guess this means I'm starting a new thing. I have no idea how these things work, and think it's about time I did.

My brain is slowly coming back into gear, so I'm hoping the electronics I've learnt so far will start making some sense soon, so I'll be able to finish my demand fish feeder, and let me start playing with solar.

There's something very reminiscent of the feeling I get in a sail boat when I play with this little solar panel.

Something about it just feels right.

If you can, I recommend you get yourself something similar or cover your roof in solar panels. It must feel great.

120 Things in 20 years, saving the world, one pointless (so far) solar toy at a time with "Solar photovoltaic panels - My first little solar panel and a tiny motor"

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  1. WOW! Congratulations for being to setup a working solar power system regardless of how it is. It's one small step of ensuring energy independence and sustainable energy development.


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