Aquaponics - New system

I had a bit of a lie down for a few days, but woke up with a new plan.

It's time for a system expansion.

The new plan involves using one of my IBCs, probably cut in half, as a fish tank. This will give me around 500L rather than the 100L I have at the moment.

I bought a new blue barrel to cut in half from top to bottom, and make two more grow beds. This should allow me to get some more fish, and also to grow a stack more veggies.

It should also allow me to run my strawberry towers safely by mounting them over my grow beds. That way it really doesn't matter if they leak.

The new plan will involve putting the fish tank outside my grow house, and when I get around to it I'll insulate it.

I hope to be able to make a part of the fish tank sit inside the grow house so I can still spend time sitting and enjoying both the plants and the fish.

Especially in winter, it's a very nice place to sit.

The plan, as it stands, is to put two grow beds across the back, and one down the right and side of the grow house, and place the fish tank so it is around 20% inside the grow house on the left.

120 things in 20 years, where my Mum claims to be able to tell how I'm feeling based on these tag lines.
I wonder what Mum will make of this "Aquaponics - New system" tag line.


  1. will this be an ultra-low power system or just normal?

  2. Bullwinkle II must be feeling OK some of the time as the little grey cells seem to be back in commission.


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